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Shockproof sports breathable bra

Features: Wide shoulder strap design: Widened shoulder strap, comfortable and reducing pressure. Enhance elasticity, there will be no strangulation, and keep the skin smooth. Three-dimensional design: three-dimensional cutting on the chest, plastic chest support, mesh leakage (B-type bra without mesh). Removable cotton pad: Built-in detachable chest pad, free to extract and clean, to avoid layered odor. U-shaped beautifying back design: Breathable mesh design on the back, exhaust and perspiration can be exhausted during exercise. U-shaped design can keep the body unchanged. Precautions: 1. Washing and maintenance: Washing temperature is 40℃. Do not bleach. Turn over and dry at room temperature. Ironing temperature 150℃, ordinary dry cleaning 2. Please do not mix and wash clothes of different shades and colors. 3. Do not expose to the sun under the hot sun.