Super Hair Cut 3

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Professional Hair Clipper Men's Hair Trimmer Electric Shaver Razor Nose Hair Trimmer Set Cordless Haircut Hair Cutting Machine

—Electric Shaver—

1. Punching and inserting dual-purpose design, you can shave your head and beard
2. Classic reciprocating double-knife mesh design with gold-plated mesh, stainless steel round knife, smooth blade, no residue after shaving
3. USB charging, suitable for many areas, laptops, computer ports can be universal
4. Electroplating appearance, stylish body, multi-color optional
Item Name: Men's retro razor double-head razor
Power: 3w
Voltage: 5v-USB
Charging time: 5 hours
Color box size: 20x10.1x4.5cm
Package list:
1 * Main unit
1 * Transparent cover
1 * Head cover
2 * Semicircular knife
1 * Cleaning brush
1 *  Storage bag
1 * USB charging cable
1 * Beautiful color box

—Electric Hair Clipper—

Smooth handle design, comfortable to hold and operate, delicate and small, comfortable to hold. The hanging T blade allows you to shave freely from any direction. Suitable for oily head, engraving, retro hairstyle, bald head
Professional external trimmer-equipped with 4 combs (1.5mm, 2mm, 3mm, 4mm) to meet different length requirements. You can easily adjust the comb to the right height and cut out the hairstyle you want
Easy to clean-the cutting head can be quickly rinsed under running water. Do not put the electric hair clipper in water, only allow the blade to be rinsed
Strong and stable power, sharp cutter head, powerful cutting ability, uniform hair grabbing and hair cutting, fast and labor-saving function, and noise control is very small, even a baby will not wake up
Material: Stainless steel, alloy
Functions: Hair trimming, hair sculpting, multiple size limit combs
Limit comb size: 1.5mm, 2mm, 3mm, 4mm
Battery capacity: 1200 mA
Charging time: 4 hours
Use time: 90 minutes
Charging method: USB cable
Remarks: Does not contain lubricating oil
Product size: 15.5*4*2.5cm
Package list:
1Pcs* Hair trimmer
1Pcs* USB cable
1Pcs* Brush
4Pcs* Limit comb
1Pcs* English manual483571_4_db8c1558652b4b1ba5d2272efa3dfb2f483571_524303ab472f4a7d933f1a1c7a3ae7d8483571_4_deff45bed5324f38b3dbcad68d5471e1483571_4_a7c3217827264876820598d2c6b1f093483571_66dcd76731b340af84c984de6bc2c4c1

​—Nose Hair Trimmer—

Humanized and exquisite design, convenient for business,small and exquisite style, durable and energy-saving, safe and sanitary, convenient to carry, compact size, convenient to use no matter on the road or in the Office.
Precision design, safety and no plucking - with the guidance of many experts, innovation has its own intellectual property rights. The gap and thickness of the blade meet the trimming standards, so you can use it safely.
Fully mechanical operation, green environmental protection - mechanical design, no need of battery, easy to clean the nose hair problem, easy to control, real silent operation, green environmental protection.
Quality assurance, convenient and durable - high quality stainless steel, no rust after repeated washing, more hygienic.
Material: stainless steel + 1% copper
Product size: round blade 0.65cm/0.26", main body height 4.5cm/1.77", width 3cm/1.18"
Instructions: battery free mechanical sleek design, ideal angle, easy trimming, durable and easy to use, energy saving and environmental protection.
Packing list:
1 * Nose hair scissors
1 * Cleaning brush480889_f1518d08a6094ea4a1575eb1b66de0cc480889_0c23a8f18be84262916c8225f07d2ace480889_7404c5a2ea594319a495e75e0424b9a3480889_41c37eb3332a41009aaa94ed77901446480889_d4dcc6fb4ead4551b331d368b0133bef480889_59e16f415bcb446a9ce6e3d642b3277e480889_ba278aa320854aa5beb4b0bcb2222668480889_a78c1bae325b4f99a9bcbd9522463be5480889_f98d0e411b374eef99aee6173cb1ee67480889_3e5f0942647b4f0c8a8301e1d27aecec